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My friend Kelly and I have been talking about going to Raptor, Inc where she volunteers for a long time. I have been so busy that it was very difficult to coordinate. Finally, we were able to get together a couple weeks ago.

It is a wonderful facility. I really enjoyed taking in all the birds there. Sylvester, the Great Horned Owl and Earl, the Turkey Vulture were my particular favorites. I did some quick ink studies there (it was a little too cold for me to paint outside) and did some watercolor/acrylic sketches later. Please click here to check out my blog post.
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Christina Wald specializes in illustration, toy and giftware design, and product design. She does her illustrations in a variety of medias (acrylic, watercolor, ink, digital, vector) and still loves to paint old school. All final art is sent digitally to clients, regardless of media. Vector illustrations, product design/concepts, and Black and White samples are available upon request.

She graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in Industrial Design. Her interests include urban and obsessive sketching, movies, comedy, listening to podcasts and audiobooks, comics, reading (mostly science fiction and fantasy)and TV (she is a pop culture junkie)... [more]