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If you are shopping in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area, get copies of all my books at this independent children’s bookstore.
Little Red Bat

Red bats are the only bat species that can hibernate or migrate. Should this solitary little bat stay or should she go? That's the question the little red bat ponders as the leaves fall and the nights get colder!
Tim, the Golden Lion Tamarin

Tim, the Golden Lion Tamarin is a cute little monkey who lives in the Coastal Rain forest of Brazil. This book will inspire your children to be compassionate towards animals facing extinction and use their power of imagination to help Tim save his home...
Black Beauty

A classic for 140 years, now the beloved story of Black Beauty is retold for beginning readers with full-color illustrations by Christina Wald on every page.
Book: Do Dolphins Really Smile?

How smart are dolphins? They’re good at doing tricks, and they love fish! But how much do we know about the ways dolphins communicate and relate to each other?
What's That Sound, Allie Gator?

Allie Gator loves to listen to the exciting sounds around Merriweather Farm, from the rooster’s cock-a-doodle-doo, to the vroom of Johnny Tractor’s engine...
Johnny Tractor's Animal Opposites

Read along with Johnny Tractor as he explores the different kinds of animals found around Merriweather Farm, from the big and little to the loud and quiet.
Henry The Impatient Heron

Henry the Heron couldnt stand still! He was always moving, and it drove everyone crazy! His brother and sister yelled at him for stepping on their heads, and Mom and Dad could barely get food into his little baby mouth...
The Barnyard

Young children love stickers and they love barnyard animals. The Barnyard Read-and-Play Sticker Book gives kids a world of full-color, reusable animal stickers to play with on charming, everyday scenes from a family farm.
Big Cats

Bigs Cats has the latest facts on lions, tigers, cheetahs, jaguars, leopards, and more! Full of interactive paper elements, like pop-ups, pull-tabs, and lift-flaps, Bigs Cats makes learning fun.
Animals of the World

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