May the Fourth Episode IV: A New Hope
Thursday, May 09, 2019
Leia on the Death Star
This year's May the Fourth Celebration was a huge success. We had some of the best art ever and our first Kids Art Show at the Cincinnati Public Library.

These are the pieces I have in the show. The Leia piece was a digital demo for my NKU illustration students. It can be purchased here and a portion of the proceeds go to Force for Change.

Bea Arthur in Mos Eisley-The Star Wars Holiday Special
I tried out a different painting technique for my Bea Arthur. I have taught along David Michael Beck at the Art Academy for a couple years and designed to try out his mixed media technique for this illustration.

Hanging the art show at Brew House
We did at an interview at WVXU to kick off a week of events.

Me, Richard Luchek, and Kevin Necessary
Me and Kevin Necessary in the radio studio at WVXU
Listen here to the interview:

Here are some shots from the celebration and the judging of the Kid's Art Show.

Amy Bogard, Fluke Skywalker, me, and a Stormtrooper
Me, David Michael Beck, Kevin Necessary, Chris Reiff, and Lisa Soper
with the Best of Show from the Kid's May the Fourth Art Show!
We got over 150 entries to the May the Fourth Kid's Art Show! It was an honor to judge them; so much talent and creativity. Thanks to the Cincinnati Public Library for all their support! The kids' art show will be up until May 11th.

The big kids' show is up at Brew House until June 1st.

Workshop Madness!
Friday, March 29, 2019
I am doing a workshop at PLAZA Artist Materials April 19th kicking off our Urban Sketching Topics series: Simplify the Structure: Quick sketching complex scenes with Christina Wald

Sometimes it is overwhelming to figure out where to start when drawing a complex cityscape, building, or interior. The workshop will have tips and demos for sketching on the go.

20 minute sketch of the clock in Central Park in ballpoint pen
20 minute sketch of the Flatiron building in ballpoint pen
This was sketched  years ago and there are even more SUPER tall buildings here!!

For the kids!!

As part of out May the Fourth annual Star Wars tribute show, we are teaming up with the Cincinnati Public Library not only to do a kids fan art show but to also do a series of How to Draw Star Wars Workshops!

I will be at all three workshops. See you there! All are FREE!!

March 30th:

April 6th:

April 13th:

My new How to Draw Yoda  and TIE Fighter sheets!At a library in a galaxy near you!!

Profile on Illustrator Saturday!
Saturday, March 16, 2019

I was profiled on Kathy Temean's Illustrator Saturday. She asked some great questions!

Read it here:

Jules Verne Show
Monday, February 25, 2019
Steam Powered by Christina Wald
I recently did a piece for the Jules Verne Expo in London. I chose The Steam House because the lure of illustrating a steam powered mechanical elephant was irresistible.

More info here:

Here is a process video:

Ral Buldhar: A Dungeons and Dragons Art Show
Saturday, January 05, 2019

The Justice League Adventuring Party
I am a part of this fun show opening on the 11th!

“At the confluence of The Cascades and the River Eyathyr, three great kingdoms also intersect. Between them all is a towering spire of rock, buttressed by enormous stone monoliths in the form of ancient giants. Atop this spire, creatures of all races meet to trade, negotiate, argue, and find their fortunes. This is Ral Buldhar, the City of Giants.”

In the summer of 2018, twelve writers, performers, and artists, strangers to each other, assembled in Cincinnati to undertake the adventure of a lifetime: a campaign of Dungeons and Dragons. Split evenly into two tables of six, this group of met weekly for three months to roll dice, role play, laugh, and explore Ral Buldhar - where fate had greatness in store for each of them.

On January 11th, we invite you to the opening of an art show made up of work from their experience playing together.

Performances: TBA

The Game Masters: Jeb Brack & Alexa Justice

The Players: Aiesha Little, Anissa Pulcheon, Christina Wald, Gabrielle Lanza, Geoffrey Woolf, Jay B. Kalagayan, John Sebastian, L.D. Nehls, Marcus Donaldson, & Scott Holzman.

Chase Public
2826 Colerain

We also did a radio play and there is a lot of cool art!

The Displacer Beast!

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